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The Richness of the Garnet: January Birthstone

January 25th, 2016

The deep crimson hue of the garnet isn’t the only thing dramatic around this ancient stone – it also possesses a rich history that spans centuries. In ancient times, the garnet was adored by Egyptian pharaohs and queens, who blanketed themselves in the lavish red jewels. These highly prized stones were even buried with theme to accompany their souls into the afterlife, serving as an eternal status symbol. In ancient Rome, clergy and nobility used impressive garnet signet rings as personal stamps for official documents. Today, the crimson jewel is popularly known as the January birthstone, renowned for both its luxurious color and brilliant refractive index.

The Queen of Georgian Silver: Hester Bateman

October 30th, 2015

18th century England, an age when gender roles were very nearly set in stone, held few options for women beyond marriage and motherhood. While men provided financial support for their families, women were expected to maintain family and home; it was rare to see a woman break out of this prescribed gender role towards something great. Yet, for the headstrong young widow Hester Bateman, greatness was within reach.

Magnificent Meissen: Porcelain Urns

July 27th, 2015

While the exact details of the development of porcelain are a mystery, its lasting influence and prestige in the realm of the decorative arts remains a constant. Beloved by aristocrats and kings to the bourgeoisie and common man, porcelain has held an integral place in palaces, galleries, museums and homes throughout history. It is the material […]

All Things in Bloom

March 21st, 2015

Chirping birds, sun-filled days, vibrant views, and breezy pleasantness… all of these herald the awakening of spring. In New Orleans, springtime is bustling with joyous occasions, festivals, and celebrations. People burst outdoors to soak up the sunshine and glorious weather until the thick humidity of June sets in. The warm, calm breeze meanders through the lush neighborhoods Uptown, the hustle and bustle Downtown, down the historic streets of the French Quarter, and into M.S. Rau Antiques, where many of our extraordinary pieces display an ode to springtime aesthetics in their expressive colors and floral motifs in different mediums.

Accessorizing The Holiday Table

November 25th, 2014

Get festive and have the best place setting this holiday season. With some our most unique and special items, you can set the table for this holiday and impress all your thanksgiving guests. Make your appetizers and delightful snacks look exquisite for your extended family in our Silver Georgian Cheese stand is truly one of […]

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