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The Natural Beauty of Emeralds

August 8th, 2012 | posted by Phillip Youngberg
9.28 Carat "No-Oil" Emerald Ring

9.28 Carat "No-Oil" Emerald Ring

We just got back from the Aspen Antiques show, which was a huge success. Our staff really enjoyed much cooler weather than we have in New Orleans in July.  On a morning walk, I ran into a bear!

I love the city of Aspen, and the beautiful green of the mountains reminds me of M.S. Rau’s wonderful collection of emeralds. Emeralds are the most difficult stone to get right, so when we acquire a spectacular example, I get really excited. Most –nearly 99% of emeralds — are oiled to enhance the color and to hide the inclusions. When you are able to obtain an emerald that is untreated it is extremely rare. 

This 9.28-carat emerald is full of life, un-oiled and very clean. When emeralds are cut they usually have 30% of the weight at the bottom which makes the color better.  However, when you have superb saturation of color you do not need this extra depth.  As a result our emerald looks more like a 4-carat emerald than a 9.28-carat emerald.

This verdant stone would bring life to any wearer. Click here to learn more about M.S. Rau’s oustanding collection of emerald jewelry.

Orchestrion Organ Brings Music To Life

August 1st, 2012 | posted by Bill Rau
Arburo Orchestrion

This early model features stand-alone instruments, including drums, an organ, a triangle and a piano accordion

Arburo Orchestrion
The Arburo Orchestrion Organ creates incredible music previously accomplished by a full orchestra.

You enter a room filled with spirited music; the rhythm grabbing you immediately as it travels through the air. Drums keep time to a bright organ and accordion melody peppered with the crisp ring of a triangle. Certainly such a lively and delightful sound would be the collaborative effort of several talented musicians…right? 

A complete musical band set within a sleek Art Deco cabinet, this remarkable Orchestrion Organ by the Belgian firm of Arburo has the ability to create an incredible level of sound. High air pressure is used to control the workings within via a large bellows. The mechanism utilizes actual, stand-alone instruments, including base and snare drums, an organ, a triangle and a piano accordion to create truly magnificent music. With the press of a button, the Orchestrion comes to life, including the visible piano accordion, which appears to press its keys and open its bellows by itself!

Arburo Orchestrion

Each Orchestrion was made to order, by hand. No two Arburos were ever made alike.

Each of Arburo’s Orchestrions were made-to-order, one at a time, and was crafted entirely by hand, even down to the paper music rolls. Very few examples of these stunning antiques exist today, especially early models in the exceptional working condition of this amazing machine. Considering too, that no two Orchestrions were ever made alike, this incredible organ is truly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece of ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Founded by Arthur Bursens and Gusatv Roels in 1928, Arburo was known for its tremendously high quality pieces, and insisted upon creating each piece by hand in their Hoboken workshop. The Orchestrion became the firm’s most famed creation, and this particular example dates to the early days of Arburo, sometime between 1928 and 1929, making it perhaps one of the first Orchestrions ever made.

To learn more and view a video of this amazing Orchestrion in action, click here.