The Earth and Stars at Your Fingertips: 18″ Globes by J & W Cary

June 13th, 2012 | posted by Lyndon Lasiter

Summer has arrived, which means the travel season is in full swing. I recently returned from a vacation with my family, and many of my friends are planning their trips to places both near and far.

18" Globes by J & W Cary of London

If you have a passion for traveling, this pair of extremely rare 18” J & W Cary globes will certainly capture your imagination.

Rendered in painstaking detail by expert cartographers of the time, this pair of globes – one terrestrial and one celestial – capture the most accurate representation of the world and the sky available in 1816. The terrestrial projection even delineates Native American tribal lands and natural resources and includes accurate placement of New Orleans, a well-traveled and economically vital port. To launch the armchair explorer of the time, the voyages of Captains Cook, Vancouver and others are charted. The terrestrial globe also features an analemma, which provided a scale of the Sun’s daily declination.

Imagine how rare and exciting it would have been to have access to accurate renderings of the stars and the earth in 19th century England? These globes are just as fascinating today.

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