The beauty of French Provincial furniture

May 31st, 2012 | posted by James Gillis
A fantastic Louis XV French Provincial Table

Every so often, a piece of furniture comes along that perfectly embodies both the form and function of the period in which it was made. This magnificent French Provincial centre table captures the spirit of the Louis XV period and the craftsmanship of the Provincial style in a quintessentially French piece.

Crafted of sturdy walnut and topped with rare Breccia marble, the table features bold carving on all sides, with majestic high-relief Rococo elements flowing along the frieze and down the cabriole legs. The natural warmth of the walnut wood contrasts beautifully against the striking landscape of the marble surface.

The beauty of this period of French decorative arts lies in its contrasting noble and humble origins. Louis XV style is the ornate style of a king, with highly ornamental decoration and unrestrained spirit. Designed and executed by elite guilds of craftsmen, much emphasis was placed on the quality of the materials and the excellence of the execution.

The translation of this style to the French provinces meant the use of regional woods (oak, walnut, elm, and fruitwoods) and an emphasis on more functional and long lasting pieces.  This makes this piece a “best of both worlds” table, exhibiting the grandeur of a king’s design with the workmanship of the region’s best workers.

Detail, Louis XV table

Detail, Louis XV French Provincial Table

The endearing story behind French Provincial furniture weaves beautifully with the story of our own homes. With great elegance and great purpose, it would be a great addition and conversation piece.

Do you have space in your home for this beautiful and functional table?

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