The Fire Within

April 26th, 2012 | posted by James Gillis

Nonius, a Roman Senator, preferred exile to parting with the Ethiopian Opal that Marc Antony demanded from him. Furthermore, the famous 1st century author Pliny wrote that Opals combine the best possible characteristics of the most beautiful of gemstones.

One look at this magnificent opal bead necklace and you instantly understand why these stones have been revered for thousands of years. The necklace juxtaposes the cool glimmer of over 4 carats of diamonds with the warmth of 33 gleaming Ethiopian opals. Each bead contains a lightning storm of fiery hues within, sure to make the wearer glow.  While the stones are, as they have been for millennia, beautiful in their own right, cut into the round bead form, they really exude radiance.

In their natural state, opals tend to exist in thin, flat layers making them rare to find of a size that allows them to be cut into large beads.  The layout of graduated beads (often pearls) in this necklace is classic, but to display opals in this way brings an unexpected twist to the elegant design. The quality, size, and shape of these opals make them highly sought after and they are without a doubt some of the finest to be offered on the market today.

To say that this necklace has an ethereal quality would be an understatement; every bead mesmerizes, seemingly containing its own cosmos. We all deserve the right to own something this beautiful, so, now is your chance!

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