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Vintage Vuitton

August 2nd, 2010 | posted by Susan Lapene


There is nothing quite like the workmanship, look or feel of anything Louis Vuitton. They are pure indulgence.  Even his vintage pieces are phenomenal.  They are from an era when craftsmen would exceed your expectations, when price was not a consideration and the great houses of Asprey, Hermes and Louis Vuitton were establishing their reputations.

The cornerstone of Louis Vuitton’s late 19th century Parisian business was his sturdy leather luxury steamer trunks, originally encased in canvas.  They were built to survive voyages in the holds and cabins of passenger ships and on the backs of elephants.  Indian royalty were some of the first to commission trunks from Louis Vuitton for long-haul travel, some containing simple hanging racks, others with portable beds!


And when you are not traveling the high seas or on the back of an elephant, these trunks can double for a great room accessory, a magnificent storage piece, or even a coffee table.  Your friends will have Vuitton Envy.

What more could one person ask for?  Sophistication, elegance, durability and versatility. We’ve acquired three of them, hot off the container that just came in. These are truly unique and special pieces, and I don’t need to convince you of the quality with a name like Vuitton on the box. One or all of these could be spectacular in the right home. I’m anxious to see whose house they will adorn. Call me if you think it should be yours!

All the best,