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March 16th, 2010 | posted by James Gillis
These weapons were later outlawed...

These weapons were later outlawed...

The War to End all Wars was truly one that settled little and created much heart ache lasting throughout the 20th century.  The hand to hand combat with bayonet charges were common practice, if not standard military protocol affording troops to routinely acquire war booty. At dawn on the morning of Easter Monday 1917 – 9 April – the Canadian attack comprised of four Infantry divisions began following a heavy three-week British artillery barrage and was supported by a well-devised creeping barrage. Viny Ridge was one of the more violent battles in 1917 and it did not come without cost.  However, 10,602 Canadians were wounded during the attack, and 3,598 killed.  The opposing German force suffered even more heavily with 20,000 casualties. Lieutenant Ernest Odell led his platoon into battle and after neutralizing the enemy, he collected the different and various battle bayonets, accompanied by the scabbards.

In 1918 following the War, Lt. Odell wrote a book on his wartime experiences and this battle in particular. Hunting the Hun, published in 1918 accompanies this spectacular and truly one of a kind collection.  This collection is impressive, even displaying several bayonets that were later outlawed by the Geneva Convention.  This is the center piece for any collection.

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