Table for Six! Or Twelve…

March 2nd, 2010 | posted by James Gillis

Table for six... Table for Twelve!

In 1762, the English Naval Armada captured Havana, holding Cuba for almost a year. It was ceded to Spain in exchange for Florida territory in the Treaty of Paris (1763). The English harvested a tremendous amount of mahogany from the island and from that point forward English furniture manufactured with mahogany was referred too as Cuban Mahogany – regardless if the woods harvest origin was another distant global locale.

The Jupes expansion table is one such item that fits into the Cuban Mahogany genre.  The table is an engineering marvel with its patented expansion mechanism – still working magnificently since its installation in 1830.  Closed, it seats 6 and opened, with its leaves inserted, it sits a group of 12 people.  One of the marvels of this circular table is that no one is left out of the conversation – it’s an all inclusive dinner party with this table.

This piece is remarkable. I never get tired of talking about it. It’s both an engineering and artistic masterpiece. If you come to the store, this is something you need to see. Ask for James, I’d be happy to show you how it works.

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