Happy Birthday, Princess

May 27th, 2009 | posted by msrauantiques

Birthday parties are great, aren’t they? Most of my birthday parties were backyard affairs…lots of cake, lots of kids and, of course, lots of presents and toys! I guess that’s how most of us remember our birthdays…unless you’re a royal. We recently acquired a most remarkable piece of silver, given by King George III to his godson as a birthday gift. This incredible silver gilt tray, with its woven sides, intricately twisted rope handles and impeccable engraving was presented to the King’s godson on his…10th birthday!

Royal Silver-Gilt Tray

Royal Silver-Gilt Tray

I could not imagine receiving such an elaborate gift when I was ten years old…and I know at that age, I certainly could not have appreciated the craftsmanship and beauty of it. Would I have taken the time to contemplate the time and the talent that would have gone into crafting such a piece? Perhaps not, but had I been born a princess, I can promise you this…I would have used that beautiful tray for all of my tea parties!

I hope you can take a moment to take a look at this lovely tray. At any age, it’s beauty and grace is undeniable.



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