Welcome to the New M.S. Rau Website!

April 28th, 2009 | posted by Bill Rau

Our new website is ready! It’s been many months in the making, the result of a lot of hard work and dedication from a number of people. Our goal, from the beginning, was to create a website that is informative, intuitive and reflective of the quality and breadth of the antiques, fine art and jewelry that we offer. This new site has a brand new “look and feel” and lots of new features.

Part of our mission at M.S. Rau is to offer clients the very finest antiques and works of art in an elegant and relaxing atmosphere. If you’ve visited our New Orleans gallery, we hope you felt welcome and comfortable as you shopped. We want our guests to the website to have that same experience. We can’t offer you a cup of good, strong New Orleans coffee here, but we will try to offer you that same positive experience. We hope you will leave feeling glad that you came, perhaps knowing a little more about something you collect or about an artist or maker or, at the very least, more inspired and passionate about antiques, jewelry and fine art.

I’d like to point out two of the new features that you’ll find on the website:

•If you’re reading this message, then you’ve already discovered our new blog! This may be one of the most exciting new features for us, and we hope for you. We’d like to use the M.S. Rau blog as a forum for discussing specific antiques and works of art, of course, but also for offering our insight into the the antiques and fine art industry. We’ll keep you informed about upcoming shows and let you know how those shows performed when they’re over. We’ll discuss trends in collecting. Tips for caring for your collection. Suggestions for improving your collections. And, because our city is such an integral part of our business, you may even find a blog or two about the great things happening in New Orleans. Not only will we have a general blog for the gallery as a whole, but each of our sales consultants will write a blog, offering their personal insights and knowledge.

•More videos and the introduction of audio files for certain items on the site. One of the challenges with many of our pieces is how to fully showcase them. For example, a music box may be beautiful to look at, but until now, we couldn’t highlight its most important feature…the music. So, we’ve added audio, when appropriate, to many of the pieces on the site. Now you can hear the music boxes play, the clocks chime and the bird boxes sing. By the same token, many pieces are best shown in person…not easily accomplished on the web. So, we’ve added video to many of our pieces. Now we can demonstrate how the wonderful Sormani desk opens to reveal numerous secret drawers and a pop up writing surface…or how an artist used brush strokes or expression to lend meaning to a painting. Our videos also help us to point out certain features, explain marks and signatures, or simply describe pieces in a much more dynamic way. Items with video or audio exhibit a small video or audio icon next to their title.

There are so many exciting, new things to discover in the new website, so we hope you will take your time and explore. Since the site is brand new, we ask for your patience with any glitches you may encounter. Should you encounter any glitches or something that you think could use a little tweaking, please let us know. We’ve added a “Give Us Feedback” link at the bottom of every page for your convenience.

Our goal, going forward, will be to continue to add relevant and interesting content to the website…in the reference library, in our new press section, and in the glossary. We will add new videos and audio files as quickly as we can produce them. And, of course, we will continue to add wonderful, rare and exquisite new antiques, works of art and jewelry masterpieces every day. We hope you enjoy the new site!