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Would M.S. Rau be interested in buying an antique or work of art from me?


M.S. Rau does purchase antiques and artworks from individuals. Please read the following for more information about how to offer us an item for sale. Please allow seven business days for a response to your inquiry.


If you have something you would like to offer us, please follow these instructions:


1. Send us good quality photographs of the item. Detail shots of markings or signatures, along with pictures of the back and underside of items, can be very helpful.

2. Include a detailed description of the item. Provenance, condition and documentation are all very important. If your item comes with any kind of documentation, a photo of that document should be included.

3. Please let us know the price you are asking for the item.


How to prepare photographs to send via email:


1. Save your images in jpg or low-resolution pdf format. Make sure your images are RGB and do not exceed 1 mb in size. Remember, you want to send as high a quality photo as possible, but you also want to make sure file sizes are not too big.

2. If your combined attachments exceed 10 mb, please send a separate email for the balance of the images.

3. Email all photographs to


4. If you prefer to send photographs by mail, please address to:

M.S. Rau Antiques
Items to Sell
630 Royal Street
New Orleans, LA 70130


What types of items does M.S. Rau Antiques typically purchase?


As you can see from the diverse inventory on our website, we specialize in a wide variety of antiques and works of art. We will consider items that are of exceptional quality and condition, have a noted maker or possess an important provenance. If you are unsure, by all means, send us your photos and we can let you know if your item and/or asking price are a right fit for M.S. Rau.


Items we typically do not purchase:


• Prints (unless signed by an important artist)
• Single pieces of flatware, dinnerware or stemware (unless they have an important
   provenance or maker such as Paul Revere or Paul Storr)
• Late 19th- or 20th-century silverplate unless accompanied by a significant
   provenance or noted maker
• Reproductions of any kind
• Mechanical objects (music boxes, clocks, automatons) that are not working, unless
   the repair is minor
• Costume jewelry
• Vehicles
• Vintage toys unless accompanied by a significant provenance

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a sales consultant.

Email images and descriptions of the items you would like to sell to:


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Does M.S. Rau Antiques offer appraisal services?

M.S. Rau offers fee-based appraisal services on certain items, particularly works of art. Please send us a photograph of the item you would like to have appraised; we will be happy to review it or refer you to a certified appraiser most suited to your particular needs. Please refer to the instructions above for sending images and item descriptions.

Email your appraisal requests and photographs to:


If you prefer to send photographs by mail, please address to:

M.S. Rau Antiques
630 Royal Street
New Orleans, LA 70130


What if I'm just looking for information about an item I already own?

In light of the many inquiries we receive, it would be impossible for us to provide detailed information on items you may own. We would be happy to refer you to one of our fee-based appraisers who can research your item and provide you with an appropriate report and value. If you are interested in selling the item, please refer to the instructions above.