Phillip Youngberg

A native of Rhode Island and a graduate of the University of Vermont, Phillip has lived in New Orleans for 35 years. He joined M.S. Rau Antiques in April 2000, and has been selling antiques on Royal Street in New Orleans for more than 20 years. Having always been in sales and marketing, Phillip brings the highest level of professionalism and enthusiasm to all customers. He actively discovers their discerning tastes, which enables him to match the customer to the right item. Phillip also comes from a long line of silver experts, as his grandfather was a silversmith in Sweden and his father was a designer for Gorham Silver Company. This family tradition of creating only the finest has followed Phillip throughout his life providing him with a remarkable eye for recognizing quality merchandise and superb design. 

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Phillip Youngberg
Painting by William Bouguereau

Collecting 19th Century Art

Chances are good that the wonderful landscape your parents bought 30 years ago to hang over the mantel wasn't purchased as an investment. Chances are even better that this same painting, if painted by a 19th-century artist of even reasonable note, has greatly increased in value. Prior to the 1960s, late 19th-century artists… Read More »
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Louis XV-Period Walnut Armoire

In 18th-century France, you were taxed on the number of closets in your home, so many people used armoires instead. Phillip Youngberg tells a little about the history of armoires and describes this magnificent Louis XV example. Read More »

A King Among Stones: The Ruby

Without a doubt, the ruby is one of the most fascinating and memorable stones in the gemstone market. The rich crimson red of this coveted gemstone is said to stir passions and enhance emotions. Due to their blood-red beauty, people of ancient times believed rubies held the power over life and death. Other cultures deem the… Read More »

Exploring Modern Art: Vilhelm Lundstrøm and the Cubist Style

When one thinks of Cubism, images of Montmartre intellectuals and Picasso’s ground-breaking Les Demoiselles d’Avignon immediately spring to mind. One of the most influential movements in art history, hints of the Cubist aesthetic continue to resonate in the art world. One man who helped advance and disseminate this revolutionary… Read More »

Wonders of the Scientific System Cane

Viewed today as stylish accessories and tools for the infirm, the walking stick has had a fascinating history. What began as a necessary tool for animal herders and intrepid travelers, the walking stick evolved into a symbol of power and prestige. Rulers throughout the ages, including the luxurious collections of the Ancient… Read More »