Ludovic Rousset

Ludovic Rousset brings with him a wealth of experience in the art and antiques field. Born in the south of France, Ludovic graduated from the Institut D'etudes Superieures d'Art (IESA) (The European Institute of Art Sciences) in Paris and promptly began his career working for an art and antiques gallery. He left Paris in 2006 to work with an antiques gallery in West Palm Beach where he specialized in European masterpieces of the 18th and 19th centuries. After meeting him at a prestigious antiques fair in 2009, Bill Rau was not only impressed with Ludovic's incredible knowledge, but also with his obvious enthusiasm for fine art and antiques. Ludovic's experience at galleries in the United States and France give him a unique perspective, and he is eager to share that experience and knowledge with his clients.
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Ludovic Rousset

From Bolshaya Morskaya Street To The Palace

* Faberge Jeweled and Enamel Cufflinks* In just looking around the gallery, I realize we have many reasons to be thankful for Tsar Alexander III.  It was under his Royal patronage that the already considerable talents of Carl Faberge flourished.  A legendary name in luxury goods, Faberge’s company is responsible for some of… Read More »

The Mystery of Chiaroscuro

* A mastery of light and composition distinguishes this outstanding painting by Petrus van Schendel* Petrus van Schendel is perhaps most famous for his nighttime market scenes which garnered substantial attention for his use of light and composition.  With their interesting contrast between light and dark, these scenes have a… Read More »

Travel Back In Time With Louis Vuitton Luggage

* Louis Vuitton Luggage Suite* The name Louis Vuitton denotes a distinct sophistication befitting what is considered the world’s first luxury brand. Louis Vuitton luggage and leather goods set the standard by which all others are measured, with a brilliant historical narrative adding to the value. M.S. Rau currently has two… Read More »