Ludovic Rousset

Ludovic has over two decades of experience working in the high-end fine art and antiques’ industry. Native to France, he trained in Art History at the prestigious Institut D'Etudes Superieures d'Art (The European Institute of Art Sciences) in Paris, after which he worked with the finest art and antique galleries in Europe. Having been immersed in art both in Europe and the U.S., he offers a unique perspective to his valued clients, who include art collectors and museums from every continent. Whether it is about paintings or statuary, continental furniture, or rare gems and collectibles, Ludovic’s background positions him as a solid advisor. His knowledge and passion for the arts contribute to his success as a trusted guide in acquiring and developing collections.
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Ludovic Rousset

The Splendor of Art Deco: Table Clocks for Him

* Retailed by J.E. Caldwell & Co., this rare timepiece boasts fine guilloche enamelling* A table clock can be a fascinating conversation piece, or the perfect accent to any handsomely furnished room. It can attract admiration and appreciation from both the connoisseur and the layman as a work of both mechanical complexity… Read More »

Mastering Nature: Monet and the Seascape

  * An important and extraordinary work entitled “Falaise” by Claude Monet* "I know that to paint the sea really well, you need to look at it every hour of every day in the same place so that you can understand its way in that particular spot; and that is why I am working on the same motifs over and over again, four… Read More »

Made in the USA: American Brilliant Period Cut Glass

We have inevitably all seen it and grown familiar with its brilliance: American Brilliant Period cut glass. Whether it is adorning a well-laid table at a holiday meal or gracing the shelves of a curio cabinet, American cut glass has remained one of the most luxurious and elegant pieces for the dining table. While cut glass… Read More »