James Gillis

With a Masters of Liberal Arts in Latin American History, James Gillis brings an enthusiastic and deep knowledge of History to the gallery. James has a very diverse and colorful background including being a former U.S. Marine, professional and academic experience with Homeland Security, operating several businesses from the ground up in Latin America, living and studying in The Middle East, and was a volunteer Docent at the National World War II Museum here in New Orleans. James' passion for learning, history and educating makes him a wonderful global sales associate-and a great conversationalist!


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James Gillis

5 Must Haves: Valentine's Day Edition

While the origins of Valentine’s day are perhaps too often forgotten, there’s no doubt that the day ushers in a season of grand romantic gestures, tender moments, and of course, chocolate. While people today view it as a day of pure romance, Valentine’s Day roots are quite a different story. It was the mighty ancient Romans… Read More »

Never Arrive Empty Handed: Hostess Gifts Around the World

  The custom of gift-giving goes back thousands of years, pre-dating human civilization. Whether a symbol of appreciation, love or admiration, gift giving is a time-honored tradition cherished by every culture around the world. * In Chinese customs, tea is the ideal gift to bring your host or hostess* Since the… Read More »

Inner Workings on Display: The English Skeleton Clock

* This incredible presentation skeleton clock is was made by John Smith & Sons of Clerkenwell, London.* The term "skeleton clock" refers to any clock or wristwatch in which the internal mechanisms have been made visible. They are extremely difficult to make and must be superb in every way—a marvel of mechanical precision… Read More »