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Avenue822 Interview with Bill Rau

AVENUE822 - M.S. Rau is one of the most beautiful and largest antique stores in New Orleans and in the nation. Come in and gawk at the spectacular pieces. The very finest antiques, stunning jewelry, museum-quality paintings, blinding silver, and much more are gathered from the world over.… Read More »

Art Teachers Receive Funds

MYNEWORLEANS-- Three New Orleans high school art teachers were selected to receive a total of $3,270 in much-needed supplies for the art programs they supervise. This year’s recipients are Beverly Cook, Eleanor McMain Secondary School, Orleans Parish ($1,335); Rickey Henry, Lake Area New… Read More »

Misunderstood Genius: British Neoclassical Artist John William Godward

ARTFIX DAILY-- Known as the most talented Neoclassical painter of all time, John William Godward’s (1861-1922) Classical-inspired canvases, with their sensual subjects and scrupulous attention to historical detail, reflect a complexity and sensitivity unlike those composed by any other… Read More »

Gold Jewels Shine at the New York Art, Antique & Jewelry Show

JEWELS DU JOUR -- From this past Wednesday until late Sunday night, the Park Avenue Armory served as a temporary home for me and more than 70 exhibitors with booths at the New York Art, Antique & Jewelry Show. Fortunately, more than 15 exhibitors specialized in jewelry, and most of the… Read More »

Seven Reasons to Move to New Orleans, LA

LIVABILITY -- Set on the Gulf of Mexico, New Orleans has long been known for its beauty, cultural diversity, colorful history and excellent food. New Orleans-Metairie makes Forbes Top 100 List of Best Places for Business and Careers, with defense, aerospace and tourism as major employers.… Read More »

158.10 carat Asscher-cut Diamond Bracelet at M.S. Rau Antiques

THE DIAMOND REPORT -- This phenomenal bracelet sparkles with the radiance of 150 Asscher-cut diamonds. Arranged in 5 rows of 30 each, these spectacular stones weigh 158.10 total carats and are perfectly matched. Asscher-cut diamonds are truly exceptional, exhibiting more fire, light and… Read More »

Dallas International Art, Antique & Jewelry Show

ARTFIX DAILY -- Recognized as one of the finest antique shows in the world, the Dallas International Art, Antique & Jewelry Show will return to Texas the Dallas Market Hall– November 6-10, 2014. Produced by the Palm Beach Show Group, the show will feature an extraordinary assortment of… Read More »

Woven Masterpieces: Aubusson Fine Art Tapestries

ARTFIX DAILY -- At the ateliers of Aubusson, tapestries are woven today in the same way they were hundreds of years ago. An art both ancient and modern, the tradition of Aubusson woven masterpieces experienced a modern revival in the early twentieth century. Pablo Picasso, Fernand Léger,… Read More »

Holiday Shopping Is More Fun in New Orleans

USA TODAY -- Everything is more fun in New Orleans. And that goes for holiday shopping, too. While some consumers head to the malls to patronize their favorite chain stores, others opt to take a keep-it-local approach to filling their gift list. Shopping in and around town might mean… Read More »

Dallas Á La Coco

D HOME MAGAZINE -- Dallas interior designer Sherry Hayslip is adding a touch of Paris to the Dallas International Art, Antique & Jewelry Show (DIAAJS) at Dallas Market Hall from November 7-10. Sherry and her team from Hayslip Design Associates have partnered with DIAAJS to create this… Read More »

Beyond Indulgence Part 2: The Ultimate Destination First Annual Gift Guide

DESTINATION LUXURY -- We’re one week closer to the holiday season and the team at Destination Luxury proudly presents week two of our ultimate gift guide. This week we’ve put together the best in upcoming auctions and a little something we like to call “off the beaten track.” It’s a… Read More »

Beyond Indulgence: Our First Annual Gift Guide, Part 4: Jewelry

DESTINATION LUXURY -- JEWELRY. PASQUALE BRUNI BON TON EARRINGS (PRICE UPON REQUEST). The five-petal flower, an icon of the Italian jewelry designer Pasquale Bruni, vibrantly comes to life and seductively blooms anew in the luxurious enchanted garden of the maison. The Bon Ton collection,… Read More »

Murano: The Island of Glass

ARTFIX DAILY -- Venetian glass captures the dance of light and color unlike any other. Its brilliant hues and dazzling, acrobatic designs mark Venetian glass pieces as some of the most delightful and extraordinary in the world. This ancient art blossomed on the tiny island of glassmakers,… Read More »

Exhibitor Spotlight on M.S. Rau

PALM BEACH SHOW -- Bill Rau, President/CEO, M.S. Rau Antiques M.S. Rau Antiques is a distinguished exhibitor at all Palm Beach Show Group Events. Considered one of the foremost experts on 18th- and 19th-century European and American antiques, fine art and jewelry, Bill Rau has worked in… Read More »

Beautiful Belleek

ANTIQUE TRADER -- Belleek pottery has been produced in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, from a combination of local clays since the mid-1800s, the height of the Irish Potato Famine. Belleek molded earthenware, which was made for durability rather than decorative appeal, was the chosen… Read More »

The Gentleman’s Surprise Chair (c. 1880) Contained Hidden Games, Liquor, and Naughty Photographs

NEATORAMA -- A gentleman is discreet. Whatever vices he may have are hidden from public view. For that, he needs the Gentleman’s Surprise Chair. Although I cannot be certain, I think that it was once owned by M.S. Rau Antiques of New Orleans. One compartment hides from public the owner’s… Read More »

Majesty, Captured: American Impressionism

ARTFIX DAILY -- Sun-drenched landscapes. Intimate domestic scenes. Bustling cityscapes. Viewed through the canvasses of the American Impressionists, the American experience is undeniably as diverse and compelling as the American spirit itself. While the Impressionist movement began as a… Read More »

Field Report New Orleans

ARTILLERY MAGAZINE -- A trip to New Orleans is a voyage through time, through a history thick with contradictory layers, heated by much tragedy and some absurdity. Hurricane Katrina wasn’t the first tragedy that disrupted the city, and it won’t be the last. It’s no accident that Tennessee… Read More »

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas For the Man Who Has Everything

HAUTE LIVING - Father’s Day is swiftly approaching. If you haven’t decided on a gift for your old man yet, consider M.S. Rau Antiques, an antique store that features a selection of the most over the top gifts for dads who enjoy the finer things in life. From the globe trekker… Read More »
The Henry Clay Rosedown Plantation Armoire

M.S. Rau Antiques Donates Henry Clay Armoire to Cabildo

May 18, 2015 - Los Angeles, CA - New Orleans based M.S. Rau Antiques has donated the Henry Clay Rosedown Plantation Armoire to the Louisiana State Museum. The unveiling of the armoire will be Thursday, May 21, at 1:30 p.m., on the third floor of the Cabildo, on Jackson Square, in New… Read More »

M.S. Rau Antiques Offers a 10.21 Carat Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

TSWMALL - This mesmerizing 10.21-carat Natural Fancy Yellow diamond offered at M.S. Rau Antiques in New Orleans displays a vivid hue rivaled only by the brilliance of the sun. Set in platinum and 18K yellow gold, the astounding modified brilliant-cut gem is certified by the Gemological… Read More »

Cracking the Code: The Enigma Machine - Beauty, Rarity, Mystery

ARTFIX DAILY - Allied forces led by the United States and the United Kingdom, declared victory over Germany and the Axis powers in what is known as the deadliest conflict in human history–World War II. With an estimated 50 to 85 million lives lost over the course of the War, it is hard to… Read More »

35th Annual Baltimore Summer Antiques Show

ARTFIX DAILY - 35th Annual Baltimore Summer Antiques Show August 20-23, 2015 Baltimore Convention Center One West Pratt Street, Baltimore, MarylandThe 35th Annual Baltimore Summer Antiques Show will return to the Baltimore Convention Center (One West Pratt Street) August 20th to 23rd… Read More »

A stunning gallery in the French Quarter housing museum-quality pieces.

THE GUARDIAN - A stunning gallery in the French Quarter housing museum-quality pieces ranging from French furniture and impressionist paintings to Dresden porcelain. The 30,000-sq-ft showroom is in a 100-year-old landmark building, and one could spend an afternoon gazing at its walls,… Read More »

Master storyteller. National nostalgia. A patriotic portrait.

TSWMALL - Master storyteller. National nostalgia. A patriotic portrait. One of the most renowned American artists, Norman Rockwell captured the spirit of our nation as no other had before, and his patriotic compositions like this oil on canvas are among his most desirable. Entitled Excuse… Read More »

M.S. Rau Antiques Presents An Exceptionally Rare Enigma Machine

TSWMALL - This exceptionally rare Enigma Machine is possibly the finest example that has ever surfaced. Used by the Germans to send secret messages during World War II, this important four-rotor Model K Enigma is in complete and superior condition, and was likely made for a high ranking… Read More »
Perfume Quarterly

Deux Masterpieces from Jacob Petit

PERFUME BOTTLE QUARTERLY — By Elizabeth and Frank Creech, with Susan Lapene Photographs courtesy of M.S. Rau Antiques, with the kind permission of Susan LapeneJacob Petit, born in 1796, began work as a youth at the porcelain factory at Sevres as a painter. Talented and ambitious, he… Read More »
Pietre Dure Chest

Best of the Chest

ART & ANTIQUES —  This ornate casket has feet in both the 19th and 17th centuries. Crafted in 1840, it combines original period 17th-century Florentine pietra dura plaques with hand engraved dore gold-plated bronze mounts and an ebonized base to create a multi-tiered… Read More »
Jewelry Owned by Pope Paul VI

Diamond Jewelry Owned By Pope Paul VI On Sale For $1.9 Million

FORBES — When it comes to provenance, few jewels can compete with items owned by the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church. Then there is the intrinsic value of the 18k gold pectoral cross and platinum ring with more than 75 carats of diamonds once belonging to Pope Paul VI (1963… Read More »
Toulouse Lautrec

When A City Speaks: A Rare Painting by Henri de Toulouse Lautrec

ART FIX DAILY — Though his career lasted only a decade, no other artist is more associated with Parisian nightlife and turn-of-the-century decadence of the Belle Époque than Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Born into an aristocratic family, Lautrec gravitated to art at a very… Read More »

Sparkling diamond catches people’s eyes in the Crescent City

WDSU NEW ORLEANS — A sparkling new collector's item in the French Quarter is catching people's eyes around the globe. This is as good as it gets," said Bill Rau of M.S. Rau Antiques. In a city known for its history, local jeweler M.S. Rau Antiques is making history with the… Read More »
Forbes Blue Diamond

Is This Blue Diamond Worth $9.8 million?

FORBES   Even in the rarefied world of fancy colored diamonds, large blue diamonds stand out for being notably uncommon. So it is unusual that two such diamonds have appeared on the market at the same time. The most recent example is the 10.6-carat “Royal Blue”… Read More »
Fine Art Connoisseur

Master Painters of La Belle Epoque

FINE ART CONNOISSSEUR By Bill Rau To some, the final decades of the 19th century are known by the French expression La Belle Époque. Unfolding steadily after the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71, "The Beautiful Age" was a time of unprecedented luxury and confidence across… Read More »
Aspen Peaks

Sojourn of Style

ASPEN PEAKS  Sojourn of Style A seductive tale unfolds at the new renovated Hotel Jerome, unveiling timeless design and vintage chic. Cowboy hat, American Grit by Kemo Sabe ($650). 434 E. Cooper Ave., 970-92597878; Vintage leather band, worn with hat ($195). Kemo Sabe,… Read More »
Art Fix Daily

11th Annual Aspen Antiques and Fine Arts Fair

ARTFIX DAILY   11th Annual Aspen Antiques and Fine Arts Fair The finest art, antiques, furniture, silver, and jewelry July 6-14, 2013 Aspen Ice Garden Aspen, Colorado AAFAF will celebrate it's 11th annual show with a nine-day public exhibit July… Read More »
This gold engraved singing bird music box executed in the Rococo design features not only a delicate feathered creature, but a magnificent painted medallion depicting a pastoral scene of a couple courting. Made by the house of E. Ruhl (ca. 1900), this example of an automated bird is beyond compare. Photo courtesy of M.S. Rau. (Detail of bird below)

Bird Boxes

ASJRA A tabatière à oiseau chanteur (singing bird snuffbox) is a box, usually rectangular-shaped, which houses within it a miniature automaton singing bird concealed below an oval lid and activated by means of an operating lever. Its origins are found in the Swiss city of… Read More »
Windows Into a Lost World: Pre-Columbian Pottery

Windows Into a Lost World: Pre-Columbian Pottery

January 2013
Art Fix Daily...  While much of Europe was in the throws of the artistic and social decline known as the Middle Ages, across the Atlantic, the ancient cultures of the Americas were experiencing a vibrant cultural period distinguished by fascinating works of art, particularly… Read More »
Featured Artist: Vincent van Gogh

Featured Artwork: Vincent Van Gogh

January 2013
Fine Art Connoisseur...  Featured Artwork: Vincent van GoghVincent Van GoghLe MoulinGouache and watercolor over paper laid down on boardPaper: 14 7/8" high x 22" wide24 7/8" high x 34" wide The incomparable Vincent van Gogh depicts one of the most historic… Read More »
October 2012


October 2012
Art Antiques... SAY "ART NOUVEAU," and Hector Guimard's wrought-iron Paris Métro arches, Tiffany & Co.'s leaded-glass peony lamps, and pastel-washed posters of maidens with long flowing hair all come to mind. Rarely does one think of silver. The fact is that this short… Read More »
M.S. Rau Antiques Offers $595,000 Ruby and Diamond Fountain Pen

M.S. Rau Antiques Offers $595,000 Ruby and Diamond Fountain Pen

November 2012
EXTRAVAGANZI... We have already seen some of the most luxurious writing instruments designed by Montblanc, Montegrappa or recently announced Letter Writing Collection by Louis Vuitton, but compared to this Ruby and Diamond Fountain Pen, all these somehow lose charm (and their prices of… Read More »


ARTFIX DAILY... M.S. Rau Antiques in New Orleans will mark the end of its centennial with a specially curated exhibit of more than 45 significant works of art, many from world-renowned Impressionist artists. These works, many of which belong to private collectors and have never been seen… Read More »
19th Century European Painting

Kirkus Reviews 19th-Century European Painting: From Barbizon to Belle Epoque

KIRKUS REVIEW...Monumental in scope and size, Rau’s coffee-table book tells the story of “art that changed the world” through stunning, full-color reproductions and comprehensive essays. The practice of classifying paintings “into styles and subjects” started… Read More »
Majestic Pink Diamond

$7,850,000 Pink Diamond For Sale in New Orleans

WGNO WATCH THE VIDEO on WGNO An impressive pink diamond is for sale in New Orleans if you have a few million bucks to throw around! Vanessa Bolano give us a sneak peek at a sparkler that's among the rarest of the rare! We all know diamonds are a girl's best friend, but this baby is… Read More »

12.27-Carat "Majestic Pink Diamond"

PRICESCOPE...By Erika Winters The "Majestic Pink Diamond," a rare fancy pink offered by M.S. Rau Antiques, will be featured online at on August 8. The exceptional pink diamond set in a platinum and 18k rose gold ring by Cartier can also be viewed in person at… Read More »
Majestic Pink Diamond

Pink Brilliance: The Majestic Pink Diamond Ring

LUXPRESSO...Nothing outshines a diamond, especially a diamond of 12.27 carats. And if that isn't enough, the colour and quality of this stone renders it an absolute rarity. It's hardly surprising that this pink diamond is currently taking centre-stage in the diamond market. Set in an… Read More »
Majestic Pink Diamond

$7.8 Million, 12-Carat Pink Diamond on Display in Person and Online

FORBES...Significant pink diamonds are still in great demand and a new one has just entered the market and it’s available for purchase outside of an auction format. A 12.27 fancy pink diamond is being offered by M.S. Rau Antiques in New Orleans. Known as the “Majestic Pink… Read More »
Majestic Pink Diamond

12.27 Carat Majestic Pink Diamond Goes on Sale for $7.85 Million

JCK...M.S. Rau, the New Orleans antiques and estate jewelry dealer, is putting a 12.27 ct. natural fancy pink diamond called the Majestic Pink up for sale in August. The sale is being conducted in partnership with online luxury site The diamond can be viewed by the public on… Read More »
Ready for the Next Century

Ready for the Next Century

FINE ART CONNOISSEUR... In a field renowned for constant change, M.S. Rau Antiques is truly a standout. Located at the same address in New Orleans's French Quarter since it was founded 100 years ago, "Rau" has many reasons to celebrate. Third-generation owner Bill Rau observes,… Read More »
Orchestrion Organ Brings Music to Life

Orchestrion Organ Brings Music to Life

JULY 2012
ARTFIX DAILY... You enter a room filled with spirited music; the rhythm grabbing you immediately as it travels through the air. Drums keep time to a bright organ and accordion melody peppered with the crisp ring of a triangle. Certainly such a lively and delightful sound would be the… Read More »
M.S. Rau Antiques Impressionist Exhibition

M.S. Rau Antiques to Exhibit Important Impressionist Paintings November 16, 2012 - January 4, 2013, to Top Off its Centennial Year

JULY 2012
ARTFIX DAILY... Celebrating one hundred years as one of America's oldest and largest art and antique dealers, M.S. Rau Antiques will mark the end of its centennial with a specially curated exhibit of significant Impressionist paintings, presented alongside the masters who paved the… Read More »
The “Beautiful Age” of Painting: Works of the Belle Époque

The “Beautiful Age” of Painting: Works of the Belle Époque

ARTFIX DAILY... The late 19th and early 20th centuries were exciting times to be in France. The end of the Franco-Prussian War provided the catalyst for a period of peace and prosperity known today as the Belle Époque, or Beautiful Age. Changes abounded in nearly… Read More »
M.S. Rau Antiques' Inventory of American Memorabilia is Unique and Collectible

M.S. Rau Antiques' Inventory of American Memorabilia is Unique and Collectible

ARTFIX DAILY... Even though America is a relatively young country, M.S. Rau Antiques is celebrating its centennial as one of the country's oldest and largest, family-owned antique dealers. Third generation owner Bill Rau is at the helm of this renowned gallery which occupies three floors… Read More »
Where Old is Gold

Where Old is Gold, Royal Street - A History of Antiquing Royal Street, “we wouldn’t be the antique mecca of the south,” says Macon Riddle. Her opinion is founded on experience. Since 1986, she has shepherded customers seeking treasures with her “Let’s Go Antiquing” personal shopping… Read More »
Fair Trade: Money for a Monet at M.S. Rau Antiques in New Orleans

Fair Trade: Money for a Monet at M.S. Rau Antiques in New Orleans

April 2012 who has been to New Orleans has reason to return. Jambalaya. Jazz. Hurricane cocktails. Casinos. The French Quarter. Feeling like a glamorous Creole pirate.But some visitors come to The Big Easy on a mission to go fishin' at M.S. Rau Antiques, in its third generation of… Read More »
America’s Storyteller: Norman Rockwell

America’s Storyteller: Norman Rockwell

April 2012
ARTFIX DAILY... No other artist has been able to capture the essence of the American experience like Norman Rockwell. Even in the early stages of his career, the aspect that distinguished his work was that it was about the Everyman, providing a chronicle of the simple joys, awkward moments… Read More »
Epoch Times

More than Your Grandmother's Attic

THE EPOCH TIMES...  NEW YORK-Bill Rau can gloat as much as he wants this year. He's the third- generation owner of his family's lucrative and world renowned antiques, fine art, and estate-jewelry emporium: M.S. Rau Antiques. Located in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans, the… Read More »
Austin American Statesman

Antique shop offers a trip through history

ARTFIX DAILY... New Orleans' Royal Street is filled with antique shops, but M.S. Rau Antiques has been plying the trade for 100 years at 630 Royal Street, through hurricanes and economic downturns. I dropped in recently and was amazed at what I found. the place qualifiies as a museum, with… Read More »
M.S. Rau, New Orleans' World-Class Antiques Shop

M.S. Rau, New Orleans' World-Class Antiques Shop

April 2012 M.S. Rau Antiques in New Orleans' French Quarter:Founded in 1912, M.S. Rau Antiques in New Orleans is now in its third generation of Rau family ownership. Its gallery-like showroom occupies a massive 30,000 square feet in the French Quarter. M.S. Rau's merchandise is… Read More »
Spinning the Quarter: The Glory of the Galleries

Spinning the Quarter: The Glory of the Galleries

APRIL 2012
N.O. MAGAZINE...Memories of time spent in the French Quarter bring many things to mind: beignets, street performers, music, shopping and - for me in particular - art. Even from my first trip to Royal Street, the heart of New Orleans' art scene, my parents taught me about the rush that… Read More »
Splendid Silver

Splendid Silver

November 2011
VERANDA...Lisa Newsom admires this precious metal's brilliant beauty.From birth to marriage and anniversaries, silver symbolizes momentous occasions in our lives. Highly durable, the metal is primarily used in industry, but it's silver's decorative properties that make it so popular for… Read More »
M.S. Rau Antiques To Celebrate 100 Years

M.S. Rau Antiques To Celebrate 100 Years

March 2012
FORBES...The U.S. is still a young country so any business that has lasted 100 years is quite a milestone. When the business happens to be a dealer in antiques it's a cause for a celebration. M.S. Rau Antiques in New Orleans will be hosting such an event Thursday at its store on 630 Royal… Read More »
M.S. Rau Antiques Celebrates Its Cenntennial in March 2012 as One of the Country's Oldest & Largest Antiques, Fine Arts, Estate Jewelry Dealers

M.S. Rau Antiques Celebrates Its Centennial in March 2012 as One of the Country's Oldest & Largest Antiques, Fine Arts, Estate Jewelry Dealers

February 2012
GLOBENEWSWIRE...Located in the Historic French Quarter for 100 years, Three Generations of the Rau Family Have Been an Integral Part of New Orleans and Its EconomyNew Orleans, LA, Feb. 2, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bill Rau, third generation owner of M.S. Rau Antiques and Fine Arts in the… Read More »
Bill Rau, Owner, M.S. Rau Antiques

Favorite Antiques Store: M.S. Rau Antiques

January 2012
N.O. MAGAZINE...ENTER THE DOORS OF M.S. RAU and you're immediately transported to a place filled with treasures from around the world, Tum the corner and you'll find one of the world's first cash registers. Walk a little farther and you'll spot a 12-and-a-half-foot-long billiard table that… Read More »
History of Australia Billiards Table, carved by George Billyeald, 1880.

M.S. Rau Antiques Celebrates its Centennial in March 2012 as One of the Country's Oldest & Largest Antiques, Fine Arts, Estate Jewelry Dealers

January 2012
ARTFIX DAILY...Bill Rau, third generation owner of M.S. Rau Antiques and Fine Arts in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans, started 2012 already thinking ahead to the next one hundred years that his family's world renowned antiques gallery will be in business. Steeped in history,… Read More »
M.S. Rau Exhibits Newly Acquired Impressionist Paintings at Naples Show in February 2012

M.S. Rau Exhibits Newly Acquired Impressionist Paintings at Naples Show in February 2012

January 2012
ARTFIX DAILY...As a kick off to another strong season for fine arts sales, M.S. Rau Antiques and Fine Arts in New Orleans will offer several significant Impressionist paintings during the Naples Art & Antique Show, February 9 to 13. Starting its 100th year in the business, M.S. Rau… Read More »
A 14.44-carat flawless blue Kashmir sapphire, set in a platinum ring and accented by two trapezoid diamonds, each weighing 2.08 carats. The ring is being offered for sale by MS Rau Antiques in New Orleans for $2,250,000.

Color Analysis by Gemewizard

January 2012
GEMEWIZARD... On November 29, 2011, a cushion-shaped Kashmir sapphire of 26.41 carats sold for $3,838,508 at Christie's Hong Kong. The $145,342 per carat price was highest ever recorded for a Kashmir sapphire.To mark that event, we selected this time to focus on Kashmir sapphires, and… Read More »
M.S. Rau Centennial

New Orleans Treasure Hunt M.S. Rau Antiques Celebrates its Centennial in March

ART OF THE TIMES...As owners of the country's largest and oldest antiques, fine arts and estate jewelry dealers in the US, the Rau family has seen its share of ups and downs over the decades at its historic gallery located in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Three generations of the Rau… Read More »
Precious Cocktail Rings

Forecast Calls for a Colorful Winter Season in 2012 with M.S. Rau's Vibrant, Mega-Carat Precious Cocktail Rings

ARTFIX DAILY... Celebrating its centennial in 2012, M.S. Rau Antiques continues to assist discerning clients who seek the finest in antiques, fine arts and estate jewels from its historic location in New Orleans' French Quarter. The country's largest gallery, M.S. Rau has clout and… Read More »
A pair of graceful silver urns which stand nearly 4 ft tall, made in 1890.<br /><br />An original, rare carousel horse (measuring more than 5ft tall) designed by Charles W. Dare.

M S Rau Antiques Defines "Decorative Monumental” with Giant Silver Urns and Rare Antique Carousel Horse from America’s First Carousel Maker

October 2011
ARTFIX DAILY... At the recent fall Armory Antiques Show in Manhattan, M S Rau Antiques of New Orleans surprised visitors with a worldly mix of American memorabilia (a 1900's stock ticker, for example), as well as with some of the biggest, decorative silver pieces (a pair of 4ft tall … Read More »
A Carrara marble carved bust of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte sculpted in 1821 and believed to be modeled after his death mask.<br /><br />The Path to the Cottage, a stunning moonlit path by the master of the genre, John Atkinson Grimshaw.<br /><br />A pair of earth spirit tomb sculptures, Tang dynasty.

A Selection of Eerie Antiques for Halloween from MS Rau Antiques

October 2011
ARTFIX DAILY... Hunting for ideas for Hallowe'en, whether it's for decorating your home for trick or treaters, or designing your costume? MS Rau Antiques in New Orleans's French Quarter, the country's largest antiques and fine arts dealer, has some haunting ideas to fuel the… Read More »
Holiday Party Decorating

Holiday Party Decorating Ideas from MS Rau Antiques

ARTFIX DAILY... Are you in the mood for setting a festive table, or getting some ideas for a memorable New Year's Eve party? Famed antiques dealer MS Rau Antiques offers premier and one-of-a-kind items that will get the party going. If you need an excuse to dazzle your guests, or… Read More »
Portrait of Governor General Pierre Ryckmans by Irma Stern.

Rau Antiques Offers South African Artist Irma Stern's Portrait of Pierre Ryckman for Sale

ARTFIX DAILY...   Irma Stern, one of the few female Expressionist painters to reach worldwide fame with 100 solo shows and a museum in her name, was a master at capturing the haunting facial features of General Governor Pierre Ryckman in this portrait of him that was painted in… Read More »
The Tower of Katoubia Mosque painted by Winston Churchill and given by him to president Franklin D. Roosevelt to commemorate the pair's trip to Marrakech following the 1943 Casablanca Conference.

Rare Landscape Painting By Sir Winston Churchill and Given to Franklin D. Roosevelt for Sale from MS Rau Antiques

JULY 2011
ARTFIX DAILY... Anglofiles and history buffs already know that Sir Winston Churchill is considered "The Greatest Englishman of All Time," according to a recent poll released in Britain. But did you know that besides Churchill being in the same league as legendary statesmen Thomas… Read More »

Rare Landscape Painting By Sir Winston Churchill and Given to Franklin D. Roosevelt for Sale from MS Rau Antiques

Anglofiles and history buffs already know that Sir Winston Churchill is considered "The Greatest Englishman of All Time," according to a recent poll released in Britain. But did you know that besides Churchill being in the same league as legendary statesmen Thomas Jefferson and… Read More »
A Painting that Winston Churchill Did for Franklin Roosevelt is on Sale for $3 Million

A Painting that Winston Churchill Did for Franklin Roosevelt is on Sale for $3 Million

BUSINESS INSIDER... Among his many talents, it turns out that Sir Winston Churchill was also a pretty gifted artist.A New Orleans antiques shop is selling an oil painting done by the onetime Prime Minister, which he gave to his friend President Franklin Roosevelt following the 1943… Read More »
Antiques and Fine Art Magazine


ANTIQUES & FINE ART... Considered "The Greatest Englishman of All Time," for his stoic political and military leadership during World War II, Sir Winston Churchill was also an accomplished painter. Although he did not take up painting until the age of 40, he completed 500 works… Read More »

From the Economic Times: Invest in Art to Balace Portfolio

Use the button above to view the Economic Times article. Read More »
Business owner Bill Rau of New Orleans tells how his antiques business survived Hurricane Katrina, lessons learned and advice for other owners to weather this year’s storms.

Natural Disasters: How To Survive, And Even Thrive

JULY 2011
AMERICAN EXPRESS OPEN FORUM... MS Rau of New Orleans has been described as “the finest antiques gallery in the world.” Its 30,000 square-foot showroom in the heart of the French Quarter boasts such exalted inventory as Renoirs, Monets and Paul Revere sterling bowls. But… Read More »
If Money Were No Object

We're Obsessed! If money were no object

JUNE 2011
IN STYLE... Rau Antiques Victorian Micromosaic Necklace Egyptomania was at all-time high during the nineteenth century when western tourists made their way to the pyramids at Giza and photographs of the ancient sites were first published around the world. This vintage gold and… Read More »
101 Piece Flora Danica Dinner Set – The World’s Most Prestigious Dinnerware

101 Piece Flora Danica Dinner Set – The World’s Most Prestigious Dinnerware

EXTRAVAGANZI... Regarded as one of the most prestigious and stunning porcelain patterns ever created, this most rare and remarkable 101-piece Flora Danica dinner set was crafted by the RoyalCopenhagen Porcelain Manufactory. The stunning service can serve up to 12 people, and each of… Read More »
This extraordinary 6-foot tall telescope by Robert-Aglae Cauchoix (circa 1820) is one of three of the largest telescopes from the 19th century.<br /><br />Art Deco portable bar set designed to resemble a monoplane (circa 1930).<br /><br />This 18 karat gold Swiss pocket watch, made by Henri Berthoud, was commissioned by President Abraham Lincoln for a naval officer.

Top Gifts for Father's Day from MS Rau Antiques

JUNE 2011
ARTFIX DAILY... It's never too late to consider giving Dad a Father's Day gift that can increase in value over time, like that retirement fund or stock portfolio.  Even with a rocky economy, luxury spending is making a slow and steady comeback, so this might be the year that you… Read More »
Victorian Micromosaic & Gold Necklace

If Money Were No Object: Rau Antiques

FASHIONOTES... Egyptomania was at all-time high during the nineteenth century when western tourists made their way to the pyramids at Giza and photographs of the ancient sites were first published around the world. This vintage gold and micromosiac necklace designed for enthusiasts… Read More »
May 2011

New Orleans Dynasty

May 2011
RAPAPORT... Poised to celebrate its l00th anniversary, M.S. Rau has an inventory of fine art, furniture, collectibles and diamond jewelry.The M.S. Rau dynasty began in 1912, when Max Rau estabhshed a small antiques store on a stylish street in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Today, the… Read More »
Classic 1905 Rolls-Royce Picnic Case

Classic 1905 Rolls-Royce Picnic Case for Sale

MAY 2011
HALAPIC... A classic, Rolls-Royce picnic case designed in 1905 has been put on sale by M.S. Rau Antiques for $14,800.In perfect condition, it contains a picnic service for four, two leather-wrapped stainless steel thermoses, four dishes with recesses for teacups, a matchbox and a variety… Read More »
PICNIC SET: A 1950s motor picnic set ($12,500), previously owned by Lady Sarah Churchill, the third daughter of Sir Winston Churchill. (Courtesy of M.S. Rau Antiques)<br /> ENGLISH TO A T: This 1825 cutlery set is made of wood from the original London Bridge. (Courtesy of M.S. Rau Antiques) <br />RUSSIAN STYLE: A samovar, or Russian tea urn, will certainly help entertain guests in style ($8,850) (Courtesy of M.S. Rau Antiques)

Royal Wedding Gifts for Any Special Couple

MAY 2011
THE EPOCH TIMES... Royal or not, M.S. Rau Antiques offers some regal gifts for a wedding or any other special occasion.When it comes to last-minute wedding gifts for Prince William and Kate Middleton, the British royal-couple, Bill Rau, the third-generation owner of America’s… Read More »
Lady Sarah Churchill's Motor Picnic Set<br> <br> 10-piece Tiffany & Company sterling 'Chrysanthemum' silver tea <br><br>London Bridge cutlery set of 24 hand-carved knives engraved with the City of London seal

Royal or Not, M.S. Rau Antiques Offers Some Regal Gifts for a Wedding or Any Other Special Occasion

APRIL 2011
ARTFIX DAILY... When it comes to last minute wedding gifts for Prince William and Kate Middleton, the British royal-couple-to-be, Bill Rau, the third generation owner of America's largest antiques and fine arts gallery MS Rau Antiques, has come up with a few pedigreed suggestions.… Read More »
Regiment des Dromedaires Camel Saddle.<br /><br />Bonaparte Entering Cairo by Jean-Léon Gerome.<br /><br />A commanding French mantel clock featuring a beautifully painted porcelain plaque after the well-known portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte by Jacques-Louis David.

M.S. Rau's Le Salon Commemorates Napoleonic Era with Decor Inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte

MAY 2011
ARTFIX DAILY... Emporer Napoleon Bonaparte's bee emblem was a fitting symbol for his tenacious behavior, almost as steadfast as the expression "bee in a bonnet", that won him conquest after conquest. Revived by Napoleon for its heraldic symbolism, the honey bee allowed the… Read More »
Fleurs dans un vase avec partition musicale by Paul Gauguin<br><br>Aline by Paul Gauguin

Go-Go Gauguin! A Sumptuous Floral Still Life and a Charcoal Sketch Now at Rau Antiques

APRIL 2011
ARTFIX DAILY... Gauguin lovers usually recall the lush landscapes and voluptuous women that Gauguin painted using his trademark bold brushstrokes and muted colors during his self-imposed exile in Tahiti that began in 1891. Others may or may not know that Gauguin was involved in a… Read More »
Bill Rau featured by 1st Dibs Magazine

First Dibs Shop Talk: M.S. Rau Antiques

APRIL 2011
FIRST DIBS INTROSPECTIVE MAGAZINE... "Until the day she died at ninety-nine, she was the most famous woman in New Orleans," recalls Bill Rau of his grandmother, Fanny Rau First, who helped found M.S. Rau, their family gallery in the French Quarter with her husband, Max Rau, back… Read More »
The Cassel Pink Diamond

Rare, Exquisite Pink Diamonds For Sale At M.S. Rau Antiques

January 2011
THE LUXURY HUB... Earlier this month, Switzerland-based luxury group Richemont had warned that the first quarter of 2011 could prove challenging for the jewellery industry. The group is known for exercising caution, so many in the industry brushed off the warning. At the same time, whether… Read More »

When Comedy Went to Church: 19th-Century Cardinal Paintings

March/April 2011
FINE ART CONNOISSEUR... Comedy and the Roman Catholic Church have rarely crossed paths in history. For centuries, clergymen commissioned portraits exuding dignity and reverence, the qualities they sought to define their public image. With the Church's inner workings hidden behind closed… Read More »
GLOBAL APPEAL: A celestial and terrestrial pair of globes offered by Rau Antiques from 1816 ($125,000). (Courtesy of Rau Antiques)

Exploring the Appeal of Rare Globes: Antique Cartography Appeals to Collectors

MARCH 2011
THE EPOCH TIMES... What is it about globes that fascinate people and collectors? Is it their perfectly round shape? Is it the real and far-away places they take you? Is it the imaginary places they invite you to dream about? Whatever the reason, celestial and terrestrial (earth) globes… Read More »
Irish Grey Mare by Sir Alfred James Munnings (Rau Antiques)<br>Farewell to Ireland by Patrick Hennessy (Rau Antiques)<br>Pair of Antique Irish Wood Pedestals (detail) (Rau Antiques)

For St. Patrick's Day: Rau Antiques Showcases All Things Irish, But Without The Potatoes

ARTFIX DAILY... For Rau Antiques, located in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans, St. Patrick's Day isn't just another excuse to party--it actually offers a chance to show off a few of the priceless, unique and historical items that are Irish in theme and provenance. Selections… Read More »
M.S. Rau: New Orleans Antique Shopping at its Best

M.S. Rau: New Orleans Antique Shopping at its Best

March 2011
BLUEGREEN COLORFUL PLACES... Want to make a Bluegreen vacation all about the antiques? The French Quarter in New Orleans has 17 antique shops. Some 12 of the 17 shops can be found on Royal Street. Royal Street is known as the refined and elegant epicenter of New Orleans' artistic… Read More »
A brilliant blue 8.82-carat oval sapphire surrounded by 1.99 carats of fiery diamonds in a classic platinum mounting ($45,000).

The Perfect Ring

APRIL 2011
ARTFIX DAILY... If you know of someone who is popping the big question, "Will you marry me?" --- tell them to hurry it up.  This Friday is when the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton hits the airwaves and there's no better time to give your fiancée… Read More »
Blockbuster Pink Diamonds For Sale At M.S. Rau Antiques

Blockbuster Pink Diamonds For Sale At M.S. Rau Antiques

January 2011
LUXIST... There's no question that pink diamonds are hotter than hot lately. Last month a modified rectangular-cut fancy vivid purple-pink diamond of 6.89 carats sold for $6.91 million at Christie's New York Jewels auction on December 7. You won't have to pay quite that much to make the… Read More »
Egyptian King Farouk Empire Bedroom Suite

Egyptian King Farouk Empire Bedroom Suite,

January 2011
LUHHO... This extraordinary mahogany and mercury-gilded bronze bedroom suite was once owned by the last Egyptian monarch, King Farouk. Luxuriously decorated in the Empire style, this important set was crafted by one of the premier Parisian ébénistes of the 19th century,… Read More »
The Empress of Austria’s Jewel Case

The Empress of Austria’s Jewel Case

December 2010
A TO Z MINERALS AND GEMS... An extraordinary gemstone encrusted jewel case specifically created for Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie, Empress of Austria, Queen of Hungary, and Royal Princess of Bavaria. Designed in a castle form, this magnificent case is generously adorned with polished and carved… Read More »
A fine 19th-century French gilded mirror of exceptional quality. The richly carved motifs of this mirror suggest the possibility of noble provenance.

Mirrors, A History Through the Looking Glass

December 2010
FRENCH QUARTERLY... Mirrors. They are everywhere... in our homes, in our cars, in our pockets and in our purses. Of course, most mirrors are purely functional while precious others provide glorious decoration. Today, we find value in the ornate frames that encompass the actual mirror, but… Read More »
Cabinet Scatole Magiche


December 2010
ANTIQUARIATO... Le origini di questo mobile contenitore risalgono al Medioevo, ma è nel corso del Rinascimento che assume le linee che ancora oggi lo caratterizzano. Squadrato e funzionale, ha attraversato secoli e tendenze, impreziosito da intarsi, placche di porcellana, pietre… Read More »
Hester Bateman: A Woman Before Her Time

Hester Bateman: A Woman Before Her Time

December 2010
ANTIQUE WEEK... It's the stuff of great literature: the setting is 18th century England, and a woman's lot is completely dependent upon the men in her life. Her options are few, and her rights are even fewer. When one uneducated woman finds herself widowed, she beats all odds when she… Read More »
Art & Antiques, Silver Unstandard

Silver Unstandard: It's Not Just for Table Service

Winter 2010
ART AND ANTIQUES... At Christie's sale of important silver on October 19, the top lot was not a table service or a tea set but a pack of cards. Made in 1616 in Augsburg, Germany, it was a complete set of 52 playing cards made of silver, parcel-gilt and engraved. The artist, Michael… Read More »
Rolls Royce Picnic Set

The Luxury Hub, Century Old Rolls Royal Picnic Set Up For Grabs

December 2010
THE LUXURY HUB... When was the last time you hurled up the family in your Rolls Royce and headed for a picnic? Picnics are steadily losing their charm, but someone who knows the beauty of this lovely outdoor activity, will always ensure to have at least one picnic a year. And if you are… Read More »
Winston Churchill Puts Brush to Canvas

Sir Winston Churchill Puts Brush to Canvas

December 2010
ARTFIX DAILY... After retiring as one of the world's most famous statesmen, Sir Winston Churchill hung up his diplomatic hat and developed his skills as an artist. Having scarcely visited a museum during his tenure as Great Britain's Prime Minister, he nevertheless painted 500 works on… Read More »
Antiques Diva Discovers the Frick Collection Dressoir

Shopping for Antiques Among NYC's The Frick Collection

November 2010
ANTIQUES DIVA... Dear Diva Readers, One of my favorite museums in NYC is the The Frick Museum. Originally a private residence, it was built by Carrere and Hastings – the same two architects who designed the New York Public Library. It was built with the intention of outshining the… Read More »
The Albermarle Games Table

Ultimate Gifts: Wilde Card

December 2010
ROBB REPORT... OSCAR WILDE ONCE SAID, "One should always play fairly when one has the winning cards." And Wilde likely wagered many bets at this very table, an intricate survivor of the Albemarle Club in London. When the club, established in 1874, disbanded in the early… Read More »
CNBC: Antiques Can Mean New Life For Your Portfolio

Antiques Can Mean New Life For Your Portfolio

October 2010
CNBC... Though things may be looking up for the stock market, the next time the Dow Industrials drops hundreds of points in a few minutes, you may want to consider pulling funds out of the market and putting them in your bed.It may not be a bad idea if your resting place is part of an… Read More »
Elite Traveler

Unique. Bespoke. Exclusive. New Orleans Antiques

September 2010
ELITE TRAVELER... It’s perfectly reasonable to buy off the rack from time to time, but sometimes owning the best means a one-off purchase that’s all your own. Whether it’s a custom-created fragrance or a handbag that follows your every specification, we’ve assembled… Read More »
Get a Grip—Antique Canes

Get a Grip - Antique Walking Sticks

September 2010
ART AND ANTIQUES... Though today we may think of a cane as no more than a crutch, in the 16th century well into the early 20th century, a walking stick was a fashionable accessory and a symbol of status for a gentleman, or even a lady. In fact, as Bill Rau of M.S. Rau Antiques in New… Read More »
Antique Louis Vuitton Trunks make the ultimate gift for the globetrotter

Ultimate Gift for the Globetrotter

August 2010
ARTFIX DAILY... M.S. Rau Antiques has acquired the ultimate gift for the ultimate jet setter and connoisseur: a set of near-perfect condition, vintage Louis Vuitton trunks, circa 1900. Reminiscent of a by-gone era of sophisticated, leisurely travel, these two steamer trunks ($22,500 each)… Read More »
Pocket Watch Gifted By Jonathon Swift In 1728 For Sale At $14,500

Pocket Watch Gifted by Jonathon Swift in 1728 For Sale at $14,500

August 2010
LUXIST... New Orleans based antiques store Rau Antiques has an interesting new acquisition. A pocket watch that was given as a gift by the English writer Jonathon Swift to fellow Englishman (also a writer and dramatist) John Gay. Personal engravings on the pocket watch allude to a… Read More »
Infamous Albemarle Club Gaming Table For Sale

Infamous Albemarle Club Gaming Table For Sale

August 2010
LUXIST... The beautiful card table shown above has quite the decadent history. This antique games table was made for the Albemarle Club in London. The Albemarle Club was a private members' club founded in 1874 and open to both men and women. The club is most famous in the annals of history… Read More »
Fairyland Lustre Featured in Antique Week

Fairies Brought Life to Wedgwood

July 2010
ANTIQUES WEEK... Garden fairies; the tooth fairy; goblins, gnomes and elves: all very real in the minds of true believers. But even non-believers would have to take notice of certain fairies that saved a venerable English ceramics producer from almost sure financial collapse, assured the… Read More »
Summer Selections: Three Impressionist gems unveiled by M.S. Rau

Summer Selections: Three Impressionist gems unveiled by M.S. Rau

July 2010
ARTFIX DAILY... A striking trio of Impressionist oils have been secured from private collections by New Orleans-based M.S. Rau Antiques. The new acquisitions, two by the iconic Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) and one by noted Belgian Neo-Impressionist Théo Van Rysselberghe… Read More »
WWII Enigma Machine featured on

Very Rare WWII Enigma Cipher Machine For Sale At Rau Antiques

May 2010
LUXIST... While it was built before, and used during World War II, the US never mentioned the Enigma Machine details until the 1990s when it was declassified - though it is not American at all. The little unassuming box that looks like a typewriter is the subject of legend, and was a large… Read More »
Antiques Aplenty by Jason Oliver Nixon

Antiques Aplenty!

May 2010
DELTA SKY... As my faithful readers know-and hallelujah!, you are kind and generous souls who return to my sundry Jet Set installments time and again-I was recently down in New Orleans for a spirited long weekend.Naturally, the Crescent City is all about jazz, Mardi Gras and beignets. And… Read More »
M.S. Rau opens Le Salon and remains a destination for fine antiques

New Orleans' Very Own M.S. Rau Antiques Remains A Destination for Museum-Quality 18th and 19th Century Antiques, Fine Arts and Jewelry

May 2010
ARTFIX DAILY... M.S.Rau Antiques in New Orleans is considered by antiques experts and museum curators as one of the country's most respected dealers in 18th and 19th century antiques, fine arts and rare jewelry. A landmark destination for almost one hundred years, it opened for business… Read More »

Walking Sticks

August 2010

Antiques Can Make Your Portfolio Young Again

August 2009
CNBC... Though things may be looking up for the stock market, the next time the Dow Industrials drop 500 points, you may want to consider pulling funds out of the market and putting them in your bed. It may not be a bad idea if your resting place is part of an exceptional Louis XV-style… Read More »
Robb Report Features M.S. Rau Antiques

Brave New Art World

December 2009
ROBB REPORT... AMONG THE TREASURES currently available at M.S. Rau Antiques, a fine- and decorative-arts emporium on Royal Street in New Orleans' French Quarter, are an exquisite pair of early-19th-century English celestial and terrestrial globes by cartographers John Newton and Son, as… Read More »
M.S. Rau Voted Best Antiques Store in New Orleans

Tops of the Town, M.S. Rau Antiques Named Best Antiques Store in New Orleans

January 2010
NEW ORLEANS MAGAZINE... We have always known that our readers are the “Tops of the Town” in their own way, now they have a chance to tell us their picks of the Tops of the Town in other ways. Our October 2009 issue included a detachable, postage-paid, self-addressed ballot… Read More »
Gambit Best of New Orleans

M.S. Rau Antiques Named Best Antiques Store...The Best of New Orleans 2009

August 2009
GAMBIT... When it comes to bests, New Orleans wrote the book on superlatives — or, rather, you did when we put out the call for our annual Best of New Orleans issue. The Gambit staff spent days and days (and even some nights) poring over the results, nodding at your sagacity —… Read More »
Collecting Antique Boxes

The Accoutrements of Class: Collecting Antique Snuff Boxes and Tea Caddies

August 2009
SOUTHEASTERN ANTIQUING AND COLLECTING MAGAZINE... From Pandora's Box of mythological fame to chests of treasure buried by swashbuckling pirates, boxes have always held a particular fascination, not only for what they actually held, but for the promise of what they might hold. Whether… Read More »
Collecting Figural Clocks

Collecting Figural Clocks

July 2009
LOUISIANA HOME AND GARDENS MAGAZINE... The Roosevelt Hotel, one of New Orleans' most exquisite Grand Dames, reopened in June after a $145 million restoration as part of the Waldorf Astoria Collection. While luxurious rooms, an indulgent day spa, and celebrity chefs may define this… Read More »
Roosevelt Features Farcot Exhibition Clock

Roosevelt New Orleans clock proves time is valuable

July 2009
TIMES PICAYUNE... THE PIECE: A 19th century monumental conical timepiece known as "The Paris Exhibition Clock, " crafted by renowned clockmaker E. Farcot and famed sculptor Albert Ernerst Carrier de Belleuse in about 1867.THE OWNER: In keeping with a tradition among Waldorf… Read More »
April 2009

Letter Box

April 2009
ART AND ANTIQUES... The Enigma machine stars in one of the greatest "What If " scenarios of World War II: What if Allied code-breakers had not figured out how to read the messges the Germans encrypted and decrypted on these typewriter-like electromechanical devices? The… Read More »
April 2009

Madreperla per grandi intarsi

April 2009
ANTIQUARIATO... Dall'antica Siria alla Francia Déco, questo materialeorganico e opalescente ha sedotto gli ebanistidi tutto il mondo grazie alla sua resistenza e versatilitàdi Fabiana Fruscellae nel Rinascimento c’era qualcuno che di collezionismo ne capiva, e… Read More »
Art of Investing

The Art of Investing

March 2009
SOUTHEASTERN ANTIQUING AND COLLECTING MAGAZINE... As the global community experiences an economic slowdown resulting from the credit crisis and the volatility of financial markets, many investors have turned to alternative investment opportunities to replace or support their existing… Read More »
February 2009

Antique gallery goes proactive in hard times

February 2009
Antique Week... NEW ORLEANS - Bill Rau - owner of M.S. Rau - is not one to sit idly by. Despite that M.S. Rau has been a New Orleans landmark for nearly 100 years, Rau is not sitting in an easy chair waiting for customers to saunter into his French Quarter gallery. Not this year, anyway.… Read More »
February 2009

The discovery of a historical Enigma Machine

February 2009
ANTIQUE WEEK... At the time of its invention, the Enigma Machine was a wonder of technology. Invented by a German electrical engineer, this ciphering - or encoding - machine used an electrical system to change plain text messages into code. The beauty of the machine was that, should it… Read More »