That’s why we seek out the very finest antiques, works of art and jewelry and it’s the reason we
go out of our way to make sure every client is completely satisfied with their experience
and ultimately with their purchase. Don’t take our word for it, read what our customers have to say.

 Whoopi Goldberg: "Beauty and an Education. What's Better Than That?"

"One of the things I find myself doing alot is spending time on this website. I love the things I see, but the other  thing about M.S. Rau is that I can ask them questions about what I see and they can answer them and afterwards you are just a little bit smarter than you were. Beauty and an education. What's better than that???? I love them for that reason."

—Whoopi Goldberg


Nicolas Cage:  "Look No Further than
M.S. Rau Antiques"

"If you have an interest in exceptional works of art and stunning antiques, look no further than M.S. Rau Antiques. Owner Bill Rau and the Rau family have created what I consider to be nothing less than the finest antiques gallery in the world, where every piece is a masterful work of art and in flawless/museum quality condition.  I urge you to visit them."

—Nicolas Cage


One of a Kind Pieces with Historical Value

“As a Vice President for Ripley’s Believe it or Not, I am always looking for one-of-a-kind pieces with historical value. In 25 years, I have found that M. S. Rau Antiques is the single best antiques gallery in North America and one of the best in the world. Their personal level of service is unrivaled, and their spectacular catalogs make me want to pick up the phone and make a purchase on the spot!”

—Edward Meyer
Vice-President of Exhibits and Archives
Ripley's Entertainment

 Earning Our Trust

“As an avid silver and art collector for 40 years, I have come to trust MS Rau Antiques as one of the best Antiques galleries in the world. To me, the joy of collecting is finding the pieces you personally enjoy with the quality you expect at a fair price, and Bill Rau offers that.  My wife and I have been customers for over 15 years and we are continually impressed by the variety of rare, high-quality items found at MS Rau. 

—Red McCombs
President, McComb Enterprise
20 Years of Satisfaction

“For nearly 20 years, we have purchased a wide variety of silver, furniture and jewelry from M.S. Rau Antiques and are extremely pleased with both the quality of the items purchased and the high level of service provided. We hope to continue to do
business with the company for many years to come.”
—Chuck Thornton 

Engagement Ring is a Piece of Art

“My husband and I are from Chicago and have visited M.S. Rau during our many trips to New Orleans.  When it came time to get engaged, we bought my engagement ring sight unseen based upon the telephone description of MS Rau’s very knowledgeable and trustworthy jeweler.  When we received this flawless yellow diamond ring, we were stunned by its beauty and workmanship.  Given the ring’s quality, it was a fabulous deal.  On a daily basis, strangers compliment me on the ring, some of them coming from across the room to see just what is sparkling so brightly.  It's more than a ring; it's a piece of art.”

—Karen Conti

 A Unique Experience...Bill Rau is a Master of His Trade

“I have spent over a quarter of a century collecting European antiques and over ten of those years with MS Rau. Never have I experienced such a collection of magnificent objects for sale and in such prisitine condition. So many of the offerings are unusual with such deep heritage. I have always felt that upon purchasing a piece of art from MS Rau that I was so privileged to be a part of historical significance.  Dealing with Bill Rau has been a unique experience. Bill is such a master of his trade and so willing to share his knowledge and expertise on each piece that I have considered. He has always presented himself professionally and has instilled such confidence that I never questioned any decision made with his guidance. I only wish that people like him existed in all professions.  Anyone who might read this commentary should feel safe and confident in their association with Bill and MS Rau and that each purchase will be exemplary in their collection.”

—Richard Epes

 Rau provides Sound Advice...Like Visiting Friends

“My wife & I have been customers of Rau’s for over twenty years. We have purchased antique Limoges, jewelry, furniture, artwork, & even antiquities & have always been satisfied.  The selection is very broad as well as beautiful & dealing with them is always a pleasure. Their advice is sound & we have never been disappointed afterwards.  Just to visit the shop is a wonderful, museum-like experience.  It’s also like visiting friends.  When we’re in New Orleans we always make a stop at Rau’s an essential part of our stay.  Their quality is tops & their prices fair.”

—Joseph Farcus

Top Quality, Fair Prices

“I have known Bill Rau for many years and of all the antique dealers I have ever met he is without a doubt the best. First, the quality of his merchandise is unequalled (I am a Paul Storr affectionato) and he offers the best of his work. His merchandise is also unique such a a jockey chair that measures weight in stones. His prices are extremely fair, he backs up his sales and has a knowledge of antiques that I have never seen. I personally think he is the best in the business.

—Michael Bloome

125% Guarantee backs Authenticity

“M. S. Rau Antiques carries the some of the highest quality antiques I have ever seen or bought. In the past 18 years, I have purchased exceptional pieces from M.S. Rau, including a Tiffany flatware set, a great dining table and amazing jewelry, and I always associate this wonderful gallery with authenticity. And the 125% guarantee made working with Bill Rau and his staff a pleasure.”

—Bob Coffman


Rau Pieces Highlight Cut Glass Collection

“I have purchased many unique pieces of cut glass from M.S. Rau for over 20 years now, and have had the pleasure of doing business with both Bill Rau and his father, Joe. My collection is truly one that I am proud of and enjoy, and the pieces that I have purchased from M.S. Rau Antiques are its highlights. They are truly works of art and have been appreciated by our family, friends and guests for many years.”

—George Marin
Data Tech Solutions
 The Best of the Best Each and Every Time
“Love M.S. Rau Antiques.  They offer the best of the best – each and every time.  I continue to only shop for antiques at M.S. Rau based on the high-level workmanship of their pieces and their outstanding customer service.  I’ve bought over 12 pieces of jewelry and antiques from Bill Rau. He is always honest and ensures my complete satisfaction.”  

—Sonja Sommers
Smith Enterprise, Inc.